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Takacat Americas

Takacat + Electric Motor Package

Takacat + Electric Motor Package

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Boat Model
ePropulsion Motor

Bundle and Save with our Takacat LX models paired with your choice of ePropulsion electric outboard.


Whether you are exploring the mangroves, shuttling from ship to shore or just out for a cruise the Takacat LX boats pair beautifully with the ePropulsion eLite and the Spirit outboard motors!

ePropulsion motors are whisper quiet and when combined with the low drag of the Takacat catamaran hull shape you have an ultra-stable, self-bailing and ultra-portable exploration vessel that will bring smiles and stories for many years to come.

eLite Bundles Include:
1x Your selected Takacat Boat
1x eLite motor with integrated battery
1x eLite carry bag

Spirit Bundles Include:
1x Your selected Takacat Boat
1x Spirit 1.0 PLUS motor - Short Shaft
1x Spirit 1.0 Battery
1x Battery carry bag
1x Motor carry bag


To learn more about the Takacat LX line of boats, check this link out.


To learn more about ePropulsion motors, see the below links:

Learn more about the ePropulsion eLite

Learn more about the ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Plus


Other ePropulsion motors are available for purchase but may require a deeper conversation, please Contact Us to discuss other motor options.

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