Quality, Simple and Built for Adventure!

Meet the Remarkable Takadock

An industry favorite all-in-one inflatable dock solution, designed for utmost portability without compromising stability.

Whether stored on your boat, RV, or backyard shed, TakaDock’s transformative nature promises to redefine your outdoor experiences.

Features & Benefits

Marine Swim Platform

Easily transported aboard, TakaDock transforms into a vast swim andplay platform when you’re anchored.

Ideal even for sailboats, extending your boats leisure space has never been easier!

Natural Yoga Retreat

Elevate your yoga sessions by taking them onto the water.

With TakaDock, you harness nature’s tranquility while maintaining firm ground beneath.

Ultimate Pool Companion

Transform your pool into an adventure zone! TakaDock ensures safer play, minimizing the risk of injuries.

Extra Bonus: The shade provided offers a subtle temperature control for pools in full sun.

Maintenance Made Easy

Detail boats or repair piers with TakaDock, keeping you elevatedfrom the water.

For on-site services, professionals now have a sturdy platform to work from, wherever they need it!

Your Personal Floating Paradise

Beyond relaxation, TakaDock lets you lunch, fish, and launchsmall watercrafts like kayaks, SUPs, and canoes.

Are you ready for your own slice of floating heaven?

Why Choose TakaDock?

  • Superior Thickness: At 8” thick, our TakaDock promises more stability and weight-bearingcapacity than standard 4” or 6” docks.
  • Unmatched Durability: Crafted with top-tier drop stitch PVC and military-grade skin, TakaDock resists rough handling, ensuring longevity with minimal wear and tear.
  • Ultimate Portability: TakaDock rolls up into an easy to carry bag when not in use. TakaDocks are quick and easy to inflate. Unlike large and bulky foam mats, TakaDocks require minimal storage.
  • Next Generation Safety: Our TakaDock utilizes non-skid PVC instead the more common and fast-degrading EVA foam. This means your TakaDock will remain safe and slip-free for many years of use!

What's Included

  • Inflatable Dock
  • Oversized Easy-Pack Storage Bag
  • 2-Stage Hand Pump (with Gauge)
  • Repair and Patch Kit

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Technical Specs

Takadock 8

Length: 8’ 10”
Width: 5’ 6”
Weight: 37 lbs
Weight Capacity: 860 lbs

Takadock 10

Length: 10’ 3”
Width: 6’ 5”
Weight: 55 lbs
Weight Capacity: 1200 lbs

The TakaDock is Great for Many Uses!

Pool Time Fun

The TakaDock is an amazing platform to put in a backyard swimming pool. Kids can jump, wrestle and play on the dock without worry of injuries related to hitting the edge of the pool! It is also good for regulating pool water temperatures as it will cause a bit of shade, lowering the water temperature vs a pool that is in full sun.

Work Platform

The Takacat iDock is perfect for detailing boats or servicing piers from the water, without getting your feet wet! Service professionals typically perform work on-site instead of in a shop, this dock provides a safe and reliable platform to get the job done no matter what location!

Swim Platform

The Takacat Dock can be carried on your larger boat and inflated when at anchor for a large swim / play platform! Even sailboats can enjoy now the benefits of a swim platform with the TakaDock!

Extra Water Real Estate

The Takacat iDock is great at providing a large flat floating surface to have lunch, go fishing or otherwise expand your water real-estate. Also a great option for launching and retrieving small boats like SUPs, Kayaks, Canoes and more!