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Our passion for boating and leading edge design comes from a lifetime spent in and around inflatable boats. We invite you to experience the most innovative and modern range of inflatable catamaran sport boats on the market. High performance, versatile, portable, cost effective, and capable of handling various conditions, the Takacat LX Series is ready for open water adventure.

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Innovative Micro-Tender


A World Favorite Crusing Tender


The Ultimate Portable Watercraft


Portable Family Day & Sport Boat


Large Portable Day Boat


Monster 15' SIB for Work or Play

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"The Takacat dinghy has performed exceptionally well, and I look forward to using it again this upcoming season. One of many good things about it, is the low drag, so we lose virtually no speed towing it (as opposed to a standard dinghy). "

Andreas B. Heide
Sailor and Marine Researcher
S/V Barba barba.no

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