How to Prepare Your RV for a Boating Trip

How to Prepare Your RV for a Boating Trip

RV Boating Trip Preparation Tips

The more you do on the front end to prepare for your trip, the more enjoyable your time on the water. Even if you've gone on dozens of trips with your RV or your boat, it's always good to have a plan so you don't find yourself out on the road without something you need.

Make Sure You Have Plenty of Storage

Before you choose a boat, calculate how much storage you can provide for the inflatable boat. Designate a spot, take some measurements, and, then, go shopping for the boat. You want to make sure that there is plenty of room so that the boat can fit comfortably inside the RV.

Plan Your Trip in Advance

Chances are, If you’re living the RV life, planning is a part of your daily ritual. However, planning a boat trip is different from planning a normal camping adventure. Make sure you understand what type of excursion you are about to get into so that you can get the best use of your boat. There is a big difference between fishing on a lake and taking your boat out on the ocean. 

It's important to consider the weather, what clothes you should wear, food to bring, and the best route for travel.

Pack for a Boating Trip - Not Just an RV Trip

When packing your RV, it’s easy to forget the supplies you may need for your boating trip. Decide what activities you will do in advance, and then make a list of all the equipment and supplies you’ll need for the activity. Make sure you prioritize safety gear. Also, consider how much space you’ll have on your boat for all crew and cargo. 

Know the Local and State Boating Regulations

No matter where you live, every state has boating laws. These laws apply to inflatable boats as much as any other type of craft. While state laws govern most bodies of water, there are also local laws you need to consider. Once you pick your destination, go online and look up the local and state boating laws.


Why Is a Takacat Your Best Option for an RV Trip?

Whether you're interested in an LX Series, Sports Series, or Explorer series boat, you’ll find that a Takacat will take your next RV adventure to the next level.

Naturally, we love Takacat inflatable boats for recreational vehicles. But there are several reasons why you should too.

  • The Removable transom makes the Takacat portable.
  • Takacats are impressively lightweight and easy to carry in a tote. Other boats have a solid or rigid transom, making them heavier and harder to store. 
  • Takacats only need 6-15HP outboards, whereas other boats require 20-50HP. 
  • Takacats are also easy to bring back to your campsite while you’re on a camping trip.
  • Takacat inflators are battery-powered and make it easier to inflate. 
  • A Takacat can be rowed, paddled, powered with an outboard, and, eventually, you’ll be able to sail on it as well.
  • The setup time for a Takacat is fast: 340 and smaller - 10 minutes or less, 380 to 460 - around 15 minutes.

You Can Take It Anywhere

Whether you’re heading out to the lake, river, bay, or coast, you can take your Takacat with you anywhere you go. These inflatable boats are designed to handle rugged environments without losing the dependable performance that you would expect from a high-end inflatable. Takacats are perfect for a joyride or a relaxing fishing trip.

Takacats Fit in Your RV

If you buy a traditional boat, you will likely need to pull it in a trailer. When you include the accessories, supplies, and equipment, you quickly take up real estate in your RV. A Takacat is an inflatable boat - meaning you can deflate it, put it in a storage bag, and store it in a compact area inside the RV - no trailers, no additional storage, no headache. 

Takacats Are Safe for the Entire Family

Takacats are specially designed for stability even in turbulent waters. Larger models can accommodate the entire family. The durable construction and balanced layout keep the boat from tipping over in harsher environments. Takacats are used by professional exploration teams because they are a safe option for boating. If the professional trust them, so can you. 


Which Takacat is My Options for RV Trips?

While all Takacas can be transported via RV, the T340LX hits a sweet spot of portability, power, and quick assembly. It has a longer waterline, which makes it easier to go faster with less power. The T300LX is a smaller model. It makes it easier to store away than the larger models. 

Another advantage of the T340LX and larger models is that the floor of the Takacat boat can be used independently as a stand-up paddle board, for more fun in the sun. The T380LX and other models might be too big for couples but the larger models are well suited for larger families and guests. The T300LX and T340LX are the most popular models for RV owners.

Keep in mind that the make, model, and size of your RV will also determine which Takacat you choose. For instance, if you have a toy hauler, you may have enough room to carry a larger Takacat. Check with your Takacat dealer to find out which models are best for your RV. 


Are You Using an Outboard Motor?

One of the best features of Takacats is that you can attach a gas or electric outboard motor to your boat. This gives you added power and speed. However, an outboard motor requires additional storage, preparation, and maintenance. You will need to prepare for these before setting out on your RV trip. Contact Takacat if you need help selecting the right outboard motor. 


What Can You Do with a Takacat?

With Takacat, the possibilities for water activities are endless. Whatever you can do in a regular boat, you can do in a Takacat.

Day Boat

If you like spending time on the water, a Takacat makes the perfect day boat for whatever you have in mind. Simply pack food and supplies for the day, load up the boat, and take off. There is plenty of room for your entire crew to spend the whole day on the lake or out at the beach.

Fishing Trip

Your boat should never keep you from casting in tight spots along the river or lake. A Takacat is versatile enough for offshore fishing and trolling quietly along the marshy waters. The inflatable boat is ideal for less-than-ideal weather conditions. So, if you mind fishing in the rain, your boat can handle it.

Hunting Expedition

Few things are as exciting as duck hunting from a boat. The Takacat makes remote hunting spots more accessible so that you can get closer to your target. The inflatable catamaran design skims the surface of marsh flats or flooded timber and cuts through rough, choppy saltwater. You can also get in and out of the boat quickly so that you or your dog can bag your game. The open bow of the LX series is ideal for getting your retriever back in the boat without having to manually muscle a wet dog over the side like on a jon boat.

Scuba, Snorkeling, and Swimming

Staying in your Takacat on the water may not be your planned activity. Instead, you may want to get in the water and do some scuba diving, snorkeling, or swimming. The open bow design of the Takacat provides easy boarding for your crew and gear. The rigid air deck floor creates a firm surface to enter the boat when docked or beached.

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