Introducing the Ultimate Portable Watercraft


Takacat LX Series boats are durable, stable, and designed with smart features that make them a perfect choice for marine professionals and recreational water enthusiasts alike.

Whether you’re looking for a foldable sports boat for fishing or exploring, or need a quality portable tender for your yacht or RV, the Takacat team of lightweight dinghies are a tough, stable, and fun option on any water. The full Takacat lineup features stability, versatility, and lightweight performance for a wide range of uses. The innovative and fully removable Tube Transom® system allows Takacat inflatable tenders to be rolled up into two carry bags for easy transportation and storage.

Big Adventure in an Ultra-Portable Package

The Takacat LX Series boats feature a revolutionary, and completely removable, Tube Transom®. The sleek and minimal Tube Transom® design makes the boat about 15 lbs lighter than traditional inflatable boats. Because the transom can be completely removed, Takacat packs down significantly smaller as compared to other inflatable boats. All Takacat boats can be packed small enough to be checked as baggage on a plane, thrown into bench seat storage, or tossed into an SUV trunk for a weekend adventure — no need for a trailer.

Fast, Stable Catamaran Design for Ultimate Fun

The lightweight, low resistance design of Takacat boats provides quick and level planing, exceptional stability, and fuel economy. The low draft and buoyant inflatable catamaran construction allows for navigation through extremely shallow water and provides the ability to get further up on a beach or ramp before grounding the boat.

Fast-Draining Open Bow and Tube Transom®

The unique Tube Transom® design of Takacat combined with the fully open bow allows the deck to continuously drain. Fast and constant draining keeps the deck dry and prevents water from building up inside the boat, a great advantage when sensitive gear is on board or when towing.

Easy-Entry Open Bow Design

The open bow, raised deck and rigid air deck floor makes boarding passengers and cargo effortless from the beach, dock, and even a larger vessel. Combined with the shallow draft of the boat, entry and exit from the water is just as simple, even for small children and pets.

Durable Hull Tube Construction

All Takacat boat models are available in both PVC and Hypalon fabric construction. Standard tubes are fabricated from durable custom-made 0.9mm, 1000 denier PVC. Digital Camo and Woodland Camo color options are built using thicker 1mm, 1200 denier PVC for extra rub and tear resistance in flooded timber and murky, backcountry water. All models can be custom ordered in Hypalon fabric for exceptional UV protection and resistance to extreme temperatures.


Smart and functional design comes standard with every Takacat model. We never settle for second best, and always have high quality design and solid materials as our top priority. It’s who we are, and we're proud of it.

1The open transom and raised floor keeps the water out and the floor dry. Any water that does find its way in, will go straight out the back.

2Takacat’s original open bow design provides safety and convenience when entering and exiting. Standard inflatable high-pressure air floor and optional hybrid fiberglass rigid floor both offer an ultra-stable surface for on/off-boarding from land or water.

3Inner and outer grab lines provide safe handholds so you can sit anywhere.

4atamaran design makes for efficient and easy rowing while also tracking well, even in a crosswind.

5Halkey-Roberts fill valve for fast, reliable inflation and deflation. Pressure relief valves prevent over-pressurization when left in the hot sun.

6Non-skid PVC on the air deck floor makes for slip-free fun! Ultra UV Stabilized, it will not get chalky over time.


Smart and functional design comes standard with every Takacat model. We never settle for second best, and always have high quality design and solid materials as our top priority. It’s who we are, and we're proud of it.

Table header 0T260LXT300LXT340LXT380LXT420LXT460LX
Overall Length8' 6"
9' 10"
11' 2"12' 6"13' 9"15' 1"
Overall Width5' 1"
5' 1"
5' 5"5' 5"6' 1"6' 1"
Tube Diameter
Boat Weight
55 lbs
64 lbs
79 lbs89 lbs111 lbs125 lbs
Rec. Outboard Engine
2.5 - 6 HP
2.5 - 8 HP
2.5 - 10 HP6 - 15 HP9.9 - 15 HP9.9 - 15 HP
Max HP
8 HP
10 HP
15 HP20 HP20 HP20 HP
Capacity3 people / 793 lbs4 people / 809 lbs
5 people / 1135 lbs6 people / 14107 people / 15768 people / 1874


Our passion for the water and leading edge boat design grew over a lifetime spent in and around boats. We invite you to experience the most innovative and modern range of inflatable catamaran sport boats on the market. Takacat LX Series boats are versatile, portable, and cost effective and provide the rugged capability to handle whatever weather and water conditions your expedition throws at you.

Explore the activity categories below to find the perfect boat for your next adventure.

RV & Camping

Portability and versatility are top of mind for the RV lifestyle. Takacat LX is the perfect portable boat for life on the road!

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Search & Rescue

Be ready when it counts. Quick assembly, dependability and lightweight portability allows Takacat to go where it's needed most.

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Day Boat

Memories are made on the water. Leave the tech at home and spend a day cruising, picnicking, swimming and exploring.

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Marine Research

The rugged versatility and lightweight portability of Takacat combine for a smooth comfortable ride wherever research calls.

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The compact and versatile Takacat is just as ready for provisioning as it is for exploring and snorkeling in secret coves.

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Answer the call with the Takacat inflatable hunting boat. All the utility and flexibility of a Jon boat, without the hassle.

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Swim, Scuba & Snorkel

Dive anywhere in the world. Signature Takacat portability and an ultra-stable diving platform are ready for any adventure.

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Takacat go-anywhere portability gets you out to those honey holes while the fish are biting. Setup is a breeze, even in the backcountry.

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Permatrim Plate
Permatrim Plate

Permatrim Plate


Lift the power and performance of your Takacat’s gas-powered outboard motor with a Permatrim Hydrofoil.

The catamaran design with a single, centralized outboard lends itself to ventilation on higher power outboards. This is more prevalent in the shorter models, but can be brought out on any of the Takacat boats.

We have a remedy to this problem by way of another New Zealand product—Permatrim. This foil plate bolts to the cav plate (the little tongue that sticks out over the propeller) and does a good job of fixing cavitation issues. It also helps get the boat on plane quicker and easier, and reduces splashing from the transom when underway.

Fitment Guide:

  • M3 fits 2.5 HP Outboards (All Modern Makes & Models)
  • M4 fits 4 - 6 HP Outboards (All Modern Makes & Models)
  • M5 fits 8 - 30 HP Outboards (All Modern Makes & Models)